Aldershot - awaiting confirmed date. Colcheter 11am Sat 4th July 2015. Catterick 11am Sun 6th Sept 2015.

2014 will see a PARAS’10 ‘Double of Trouble’ at Colchester and Catterick. Sadly due to a high tempo year for the Regiment, we are currently unable to stage an event at Aldershot. If this changes we will let you know.

The PARAS' 10 Route is only available on the day of the race.

For the remainder of the year it is an active military training area used to prepare troops and vehicles for operations across the world. This training is affected when runners use the area without correct authority and for safety reasons, training will stop until runners are removed. Armoured vehicles and lycra do not mix well so please refrain from walking or running the route prior to the race. Thank you.

Fighting Fit Junior Trophy for U19s Parachute Regiment